Our fully automated, self-aligning, easy to deploy mobile satellite antenna systems designed to deliver two-way high-speed internet services virtually anywhere. The Mobile Systems offers you the complete freedom of mobility! Every time you move and relocate, the Mobile System can easily compensate for any change in location, orientation, and even a variation in slope. Virtually allowing you the ability to go online from almost anywhere on the globe, the Mobile System is the ideal solution for corporate Broadband Satellite needs.

Press a button on the system and 3 to 7 minutes later your computer’s) will be browsing the Internet at high-speed. The self-contained, automatic pointing mobile Internet system comes with a wireless hotspot you can connect 1 or all of your computers to the mobile network in a few minutes. It requires no training to operate. Simply park your Vehicle, touch a button, and the dish will deploy and lock on signal automatically.

Mounting easily on top of vehicles (RVs, SUVs, vans, or any other commercial vehicle) or a transportable platform, with the simple click of a button, the Mobile System automatically deploys, locks onto the selected satellite, and interfaces with the modem to enable high-speed broadband Internet connection.


  • Simple & automatic self-pointing mobile satellite Internet dish.
  • Establishes a self-contained Local Area Network at the touch of a button.
  • Establishes an optional 802.11 wireless G Hotspot. 128 Bit WEP Secure.
  • No external computer control required.
  • Satellite acquire time from stowed is between 3 to 7 minutes.
  • Lightweight Design – Under 75 lbs.
  • Easy to deploy and operate.
  • Mounts on almost all type of vehicles (RVs, vans, or any other commercial vehicle).
  • Ideal for remote locations, response units and mobile offices for the business.
  • Automatically stows Antenna if vehicle is moved.
  • Ability to manually deploy to any satellite in its view

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