BGAN offers mobile high-speed Internet and telephone services with coverage on 5 continents within the satellite footprint. This affordable service is delivered through a portable satellite modem with telephone interface, less the size of laptop without the need for an dish. The system is ideal for professionals on the move, for NGOs, construction and oil companies, as well as for military units. The optional dedicated bandwidth on demand also allows professional audio and video streaming


  • No Dish of any kind required.
  • Broadband Internet Access in shared bandwidth mode with maximum data rate send 464 and receive 448kbps.
  • Always-on functionality in the Coverage Zones.
  • Worldwide Access to the Public Switched Telephone Network including an Inbound Telephone Number
  • Competitive monthly service rates and packages including data volume
  • Online customizable Firewall Service to enable or block specific Internet destinations and applications
  • Dynamic public IP address included, Fixed public IP address as an option.
  • Dedicated bandwidth (CIR) on demand bandwidth (Streaming) as an option.
  • All types of VPN supported.
  • Personal and corporate versions.
  • Access to text messaging and telephony features.
  • On-line access to account and billing information.
  • Step-by-step instructions on pointing the terminal and setting up a satellite connection.

Business Inernet Solutions

  • High Performance Products and Services
  • Secure and authenticated data transmission
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Online Member Area
  • Highly-Experienced Engineers to help you set up Your Network
  • Local installers and technicians in many regions